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ITS Safe Computing

About Information and Infrastructure Assurance

Mission Statement

We provide information security, IT policy, compliance, privacy, and enterprise continuity leadership and services that enable the safe and resilient use of university information resources, in support of the research, teaching and learning, and clinical missions of the university.

Information and Infrastructure Assurance (IIA) oversees the big picture view of information technology (IT) security at the University of Michigan. We work to proactively mitigate IT security risks in partnership with U-M's three campuses (Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn) and the Health System. IIA's staff help to enable teaching, learning, research, and healthcare in a large open environment through balancing risk in a perilous world. We collaborate with individual University of Michigan units to develop a university-wide security strategy and to implement best practice security efforts.

Other primary IIA activities include:

  • Facilitating campus-wide incident response activities
  • Providing services such as security assessments and consultation, network scans, education and training
  • Managing IT security issues at the university level

For information about IIA governance, see Information and Infrastructure Assurance Domain on the Office of the CIO website.

Donald Welch, Ph.D is the University of Michigan Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). For brief IIA staff bios, see IIA Staff.

Last modified August 06, 2015