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ITS Safe Computing

Sign up today for U-M Emergency Messages
Register in Wolverine Access to receive voice and text messages during major emergencies on campus. Click "Phone and UM Emergency Alert Numbers" to register your telephone or cell phone numbers for voice messages and a device to receive text messages.

The UM Emergency Alert system is intended only for significant emergencies and clear threats to public safety. It won't replace crime alerts, regular campus emails or our cooperation with local news outlets to help ensure community awareness of important safety issues.

Examples of when the system may be activated include if a person actively shooting a weapon is on the loose, a tornado is predicted to strike the campus area, or a major hazardous material spill is impacting a large portion of campus. Messages will provide directions to recipients as to what action they should take. The system is not intended to be used to announce upcoming events, nor individual building incidents such as class cancelations, small fires or suspicious packages.
When the system is activated, the caller ID number that will appear on your telephone screen will be (734) 647-0911. Email messages will arrive from 'UM Emergency Alert.'

For more information about the UM Emergency Alert system, visit http://www.umemergencyalert.umich.edu.