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ITS Safe Computing


Phishing Alert

Many U-M community members received this e-mail on 12/18/2011. This message is not from U-M. Do not respond, do not click on any link, and immediately delete it.

  • If you have already clicked on the link and entered any personal information—including your UMICH password--immediately change your password AND contact 4-HELP. An ITS Service Representative will check your account for any malicious activity that may already have been carried out by the sender of the phishing message.
  • If you have any concern that your e-mail account may be compromised, contact 4-HELP.

Text of 12/18/2011 Phishing Message (Links Removed)

Date: Sunday, December 18, 2011
Subject: Dear Email User

This message is from our E-mail messaging center to all our email account users. We are currently conducting a maintenance exercise which is for upgrading our database and e-mail account center. This exercise involves the deactivation of dormant /unused/ invalid email accounts to make room for further upgrading, also we are currently make a new change on our email account login page, you are advice to click on the link below and login into your email account so it can so be updated automatically today.


Account owners are expected to update their accounts within 5 working days after receipt of this notice. Failure to comply with this notice within the stipulated time will face the risk of loosing his or her account.