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ITS Safe Computing


Phishing Alert

Many U-M community members received this e-mail on 08/19/2011. This message is not from U-M. Do not respond, do not click on any link, and immediately delete it.

  • If you have already clicked on the link and entered any personal information—including your UMICH password--immediately change your password AND contact 4-HELP. An ITS Service Representative will check your account for any malicious activity that may already have been carried out by the sender of the phishing message.
  • If you have any concern that your e-mail account may be compromised, contact 4-HELP.

Text of 08/19/2011 Phishing Message (Links Removed)

Date: Friday, August 19, 2011
Subject: University of Michigan Webmail Users

University of Michigan Webmail Users,

This is to inform you that we are performing some upgrade in our DATA BASE and during this process you might be having some difficulties when checking and sending of message. In other to access your account after upgrading you are advice in your own interest to fill this verification form. This is to enable us serve you better and also increase our performance.

To enable us upgrade your account you are to Click here VERIFICATION form [LINK REMOVED]. failure to comply with this your account will be deactivated.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

Customer care
Upgrade Team Unit.
Deactivation Of Account