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ITS Safe Computing


Phishing Alert

Many U-M community members received this e-mail on 09/15/2011. This message is not from U-M. Do not respond, do not click on any link, and immediately delete it.

  • If you have already clicked on the link and entered any personal information—including your UMICH password--immediately change your password AND contact 4-HELP. An ITS Service Representative will check your account for any malicious activity that may already have been carried out by the sender of the phishing message.
  • If you have any concern that your e-mail account may be compromised, contact 4-HELP.

Text of 09/15/2011 Phishing Message (Links Removed)

Date: Thursday, September 15, 2011
Subject: Your mailbox is over its size limit

Your mailbox has exceeded its limit; your mailbox is currently running 99.7% of its Quota limit of 100%. You cannot send/receive email properly until you have updated your mailbox account.

To upgrade /update your mailbox account clicks the link below:

If you have trouble clicking, you can copy and paste in your browser to request for upgrade:

If you don't upgrade now, you will lose your mailbox account permanently, but we strongly encourage you to either upgrade to the newest version of mailbox!

Thanks for your co-operation.
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