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ITS Safe Computing

Protect Yourself & the University from Spear Phishing

Phishing Alerts

  • Phishing Alerts and More. A list of recent phishing messages received by members of the U-M community, as well as information about how to recognize, avoid, and report phishes. Also information about what to do if you responded to a phish email.
  • What to Watch for: Phishing Examples. Examples of safe and fraudulent emails and webpages at U-M.

Spear Phishing Video

Criminals are sending emails that look like they are from U-M, emails that try to trick you into revealing your password and other private information. This puts you and U-M at risk. Don't be fooled. Watch this four-minute video to learn more.

Don't want to watch a video right now? Read a quick summary of the main points in the video instead.