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ITS Safe Computing

Protect Data

Manage Your Passwords

Your passwords are keys to your data. Protect your data by protecting your passwords. Use your UMICH password only for U-M resources. Use a different password for each of your non-university logins. For tips, see How to Manage All Your Passwords.

Back Up Your Files

Always keep a backup copy of files you do not wish to lose. Hard drives wear out and fail. Devices can be lost or stolen.

The university offers several file storage options you can use for keeping a backup of your files. Many commercial vendors also offer backup services, and you can back up your files to your own hardware device. For details about the security of cloud-based file storage options, see Cloud Computing and Information Security.

Use File Encryption

If you are permitted to access sensitive university data on your computer or other devices, you must encrypt your devices. For your own files that you don't want others to see, consider file encryption to prevent others from accessing those files should your device be lost or stolen. Also delete such files securely when you no longer need them to prevent others from finding traces of them. See Instructions for Securing Your Devices and Data for details.

See these resources to learn more about file encryption and secure file deletion:

Be aware that some countries ban or regulate the import, export, and use of encryption products. For information see Data Encryption and Export Controls.