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For Educators and Parents

See Safe Computing Events for upcoming events at U-M that cover privacy and IT security issues.

Privacy Teaching & Learning Materials

Privacy Awareness Videos

  • Ask a Chief Privacy Officer (July 2019). Sol Bermann, Chief Privacy Officer for the University of Michigan answers questions from Educause Review about the growing need for privacy management, the policies and laws in place to protect our privacy, and how big data has changed the game.
  • Communications Surveillance (May 2015). A four-minute video providing a high level overview of communications surveillance from Privacy International. (4:00)
  • A Conversation on Privacy (Mar 2016). A moderated discussion of privacy with MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, Edward Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald, moderated by Nuala O'Conner, president and CEO of the Center of for Democracy and Technology. (1:56)
  • The Future of Internet Privacy (May 2013). The future of privacy in a world with expanding digital footprints. (3:35)
  • NOTHING TO HIDE (October 2016). An independent documentary dealing with surveillance and its acceptance by the general public through the "I have nothing  to hide" argument. (1:26) Creative Commons release
  • The Power of Privacy. Half-hour documentary film from IAPP Videos. (28:45)
  • Privacy, Big Data & The Law (October 2015). UC Santa Cruz Datalex opening address by Jim Dempsey, Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, discussing how to move from conundrums to solutions. (40:52)
  • Why Privacy Matters (October 2014). TED Talk by Glenn Greenwald describing why you should care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide." (20:41)
  • What Will a Future Without Secrets Look Like? (October 2013). TED Talk by Alessandro Acquisti discussing the use of online data and what it means for privacy. (15:00)

For Privacy Professionals

See Privacy Law, History & Research for additional related materials.