Cloud Storage Included with Software

Service Description 

You or your unit may purchase software licenses or subscriptions for your university work that include cloud-based storage. In most cases, this software is installed on your university-owned computer. For example, ITS Software Services makes Adobe Creative Cloud software available to U-M units at a discount, and the software subscription includes access to Adobe's cloud-based storage.


Cloud-based storage that is provided as part of a user license or subscription (that is, storage that is tied to a specific individual or group account) should not be used to maintain or share the university's sensitive data.

This restriction applies specifically to:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Document Cloud

Those who use cloud storage associated with a software license or subscription for university work are responsible for ensuring that sensitive university information is not placed or stored there.

Important Password Tip: If you are asked to select a user ID and password for access to a software license or subscription and any associated cloud storage, do not use your UMICH password. Your UMICH password should be used only with services provided through the University of Michigan.

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