Service Description 

Flux is a collaboratively developed and run service that provides a high quality, high performance computing cluster environment for researchers at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus.


Flux may be used to process many types of sensitive regulated and nonregulated data. However, users are responsible for the security of sensitive data, software, libraries, or code that they place on the Flux cluster. In addition, users are responsible for meeting specific compliance or contractual obligations related to their research.

Protected Health Information regulated by HIPAA may not be processed in the Flux environment. Social Security numbers should only be used where required by law or where they are essential for university business processes. If you must use SSNs, it is preferred that you use institutional resources designed to house this data, such as the Data Warehouse. Information Assurance (IA) can help you explore appropriate storage locations or work with you to appropriately encrypt the data if those alternatives will not work for you.  (Contact IA via the ITS Service Center.)

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