Service Description 

MiVideo is a content management service provided through a U-M contract with Kaltura. It helps you organize, catalog, share, search, and publish multimedia content. Management consoles make it easy to tag and filter content, as well as control access. MiVideo offers better security than free third-party vendors. Departments can purchase the service to support teaching, learning, research, and marketing communications efforts. U-M's contract with Kaltura also covers Cielo24 video transcription and captioning.


MiVideo is a contracted-for service that utilizes the Kaltura online video platform and provides a secure environment within which to maintain or share many types of the  university's sensitive regulated and unregulated data. The service includes Cielo24 video transcription and captioning.

Users should keep in mind that compliance is a shared responsibility. You must also take any steps required by your role or unit to comply with relevant regulatory requirements.  In addition, users should select the option to encrypt data while in transit when using MiVideo with sensitive institutional data.