Personal Accounts

Service Description 

Personal accounts are accounts you sign up for or purchase as an individual (whether you buy them or get them for free), and for which the university does not have an institutional agreement or contract to protect sensitive data.

Personal accounts often include social media, storage, collaboration, and more. Examples include iCloud, personal GMail (, and more.


Personal accounts should not be used to maintain or share sensitive university data. Those who use personal accounts for university work are responsible for ensuring that sensitive university information is not stored or shared using these accounts.

Personal accounts may not be used for sensitive university information because there is no institutional agreement in place between U-M and the service provider that takes into account such things as security, privacy, data ownership, liability,and more. Using personal accounts with sensitive data may put the university at risk for violating certain state, federal, and international laws and regulations.

Important Password Tip: When you create an account for a non-university service, do not use your UMICH (Level-1) or Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password. Your U-M password should be used only with services provided through the University of Michigan.

Additional Resources 

See Use of Personal Accounts and Data Security.

No matter what service you use, take care to protect your computer and your own data. See Protect Yourself for tips and recommendations.

Make informed choices about the services you sign up for. See Cloud Computing and Information Security for information.