Turbo Research Storage (NFS)

Service Description 

Turbo Research Storage, provided by Advanced Research Computing (ARC), offers scalable storage to University of Michigan researchers. Turbo Research Storage with NFS features include ease of use and speed. Turbo Research Storage customers can choose to use the Network File System (NFS) protocol.  Performance is intended to be sufficient for both Input/Output (IO) operations and bulk file access, allowing researchers to work with data in place and avoid excessive data staging.

Turbo Research Storage with NFS is available to all faculty, scientists, clinicians, and students working on any U-M campus (Ann Arbor, Flint, Dearborn, Michigan Medicine) or off-site with needs to store and retain research data.


Turbo Research Storage with NFS may not be used to store data that is classified as Restricted, High, or Moderate or is critical to the operations of the university.