Electronic Research Notebook at U-M

Service Description 

The Electronic Research Notebook at U-M provides a replacement for traditional laboratory research notebooks. It is intended as an enterprise-wide tool to help researchers organize, gather, and annotate their data into one organized,searchable location. It provides digital timestamps and the ability to digitally sign data for discovery purposes. The Electronic Research Notebook can be used for research collaboration both within the University of Michigan and with researchers at other institutions. The Electronic Research Notebook uses software from LabArchives.


The LabArchives software behind Electronic Research Notebook is HIPAA-aligned per Michigan Medicine compliance and security reviews. The tool is intended for keeping research notes, not for hosting or managing a clinical trial. It is not integrated with any clinical records systems or clinical trials management systems now, and there are no plans for such integration in the future. Storage for the Electronic Research Notebook resides in Amazon Web Services (AWS).