Microsoft Office 365 at U-M

Service Description 

Microsoft Office 365 at U-M is a cloud computing service that provides a selection of collaboration tools to U-M users. Microsoft Office 365 at U-M is available to the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint academic campuses for current faculty, staff, students, sponsored affiliates with regular (not temporary) uniqnames, and emeritus faculty. Alumni and retirees are not included in the university's licensing terms with Microsoft.


Microsoft Office 365 at U-M may not be used with sensitive university data, with the exception of Student Education Records (regulated by FERPA). Careful use of this data, in accordance with university policies and FERPA regulations, allows Microsoft Office 365 at U-M to be used by the students in, and instructors for, a class.

While Microsoft Office 365 at U-M is secure, our agreement with Microsoft does not provide for compliance with some specific regulatory and U-M policy requirements for many types of sensitive regulated data. Find more specifics about U-M's approach to the cloud and data security in Safely Use Sensitive Data in the Cloud.

University experts and stakeholders will continue to review Microsoft Office 365 at U-M to determine whether it might be permitted for use with additional sensitive data types at a later time.

While add-ins are available within U-M Microsoft Office 365, they are not covered under the university's agreement with Microsoft. For details about appropriate use of add-ins, see Add-ins & Apps for Microsoft Office 365 at U-M.

Office 365 ProPlus is a version of Office 365 that is installed on the user's local computer; it is not a cloud-based service. If you use Office 365 ProPlus, follow the sensitive data storage guidance for wherever "local" is. For example, if your local computer is managed by MiWorkspace, follow the guidance at MiWorkspace. If your local computer is your own personal device, follow the guidance at Personally Owned Devices (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).