Lighthouse HPC Cluster

Service Description 

The Lighthouse HPC Cluster for Researcher-Provided Hardware (HPC) cluster supports researchers with grants that require the purchase of computing hardware or require hardware configurations not supported on the Great Lakes cluster. Lighthouse allows researchers to place their own hardware within the ARC-TS HPC Slurm environment. It is available to all U-M researchers at UM-Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn, UM-Flint, and Michigan Medicine.


Applications and data are protected by secure physical facilities and infrastructure as well as a variety of network and security monitoring systems. These systems provide important security measures including:

  • Secure access. All access to the Lighthouse HPC Cluster is via SSH or Globus.
  • Built-in firewalls. All of the Lighthouse HPC Cluster servers have firewalls that restrict access to only what is needed.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA). For all interactive sessions, the Lighthouse HPC Cluster requires a UMICH (Level-1) password plus two-factor authentication (Duo). File transfer sessions require a UMICH password.

Private subnets. Other than the login and file transfer computers that are part of the Lighthouse HPC Cluster, all of the computers are on a network that is private within the university network and are unreachable from the internet.