GitHub Enterprise SaaS

Service Description 

GitHub is a code repository to U-M community members who require a secure and collaborative space to store and manage software code. The service is available to all active faculty, staff, and students on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses and Michigan Medicine.


GitHub Enterprise may be used with some moderately sensitive university data, including Student Education Records (regulated by FERPA). Careful use of this data, in accordance with university policies and FERPA requirements, allows GitHub Enterprise to be used in classroom settings. Examples of data that can be stored safely within GitHub include:

  • Student project work
  • Source code for custom applications
  • Infrastructure-as-code automation
  • Report queries that contain student record data.

The University of Michigan has a Data Protection Agreement for GitHub Enterprise. All of the data stored within the service is encrypted at rest as well as in-transit (utilizing TLS/SSH). However, our agreement does not provide for compliance with some specific regulatory and U-M policy requirements for many types of sensitive regulated data. Find more specifics about U-M's approach in Safely Use Sensitive Data in the Cloud.

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