Privacy@Michigan 2019

Presentations and Videos

Privacy@Michigan 2019, was hosted by the University of Michigan School of Information and U-M Information Assurance, on January 28, 2019 in the Rackham Amphitheatre on the UM-Ann Arbor campus. Video recordings of the 2019 presentations are listed below.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ravi Pendse, Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer for the University of Michigan

Keynote Presentation

Privacy and Power – Why privacy is a human right?
Sarah St.Vincent, Researcher/Advocate on National Security, Surveillance, and Domestic Law Enforcement, Human Rights Watch
Abstract: Privacy is often dismissed as a concern that should take a backseat to “national security” and crime prevention—or downplayed as something people in the digital age freely trade away. However, privacy rights have deep historical and legal ties to equality and human dignity. In the United States, the right to privacy found in the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment began life as a free-speech protection and safeguard against political tyranny, and privacy-related concepts continue to be a means by which women, racial minorities, LGBT people, and the poor gain greater equality and resist state oppression. This talk will present the idea of privacy as equality and invite listeners to consider the role privacy plays in the causes that are most important to them.

Fireside Chat

Q&A with Sarah St. Vincent and Thomas Finholt, Dean, School of Information

Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion #1

Privacy in public spaces: What is public in the digital age?

Sol Bermann, U-M Chief Privacy Officer & Interim Chief Information Security Officer (moderator); David Jurgens, Assistant Professor, U-M School of Information; Len Niehoff, Professor from Practice, U-M Law School; and AJ Vicens, K-W Fellow

Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion #2

We value your privacy: Privacy technology in practice

Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor, School of Information (moderator); Atul Prakash, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, U-M College of Engineering; and Anna C. Gilbert, Herman H. Goldstine Collegiate Professor of Mathematics, LSA

Security Privacy Interaction Lab (spilab) at the School of Information

Created by members of the spilab at the School of Information, these tip sheets handed out at the 2019 event provide advice to help people protect their privacy online.

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