Remediation of Insecure Remote Access Protocols


Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 12 p.m.

ITS Information Assurance's Insecure Remote Access Protocol (IRAP) project is an effort to further improve the security posture of the university by focusing on the discovery and remediation of insecure protocols that are exposed to the Internet. The goal of the IRAP project is to ensure individuals maintain appropriate remote access to systems, while protecting critical U-M resources and sensitive data from threat actors. This will be accomplished by blocking specific insecure protocols at the network border with the Internet. In this session we walked through the steps from planning to blocking, including what prompted this effort, data collection and analysis methodology, and outreach to the U-M community.

Kevin Cheek & Aaron Hudeck

ITS Information Assurance

ITS experts Kevin Cheek and Aaron Hudeck presented on the IRAP project, an effort to remediate use of insecure protocols at U-M.