New on Safe Computing and in IT Security at U-M

Endpoint Protection with Crowdstrike Falcon

The Crowdstrike Falcon section has been revised with new and updated information on the deployment and capabilities.


Recordings or slides for Privacy@Michigan events are now available.

Information Assurance Capabilities

Internal Controls Annual Certification Process

  • Internal Controls Security Question for FY21. This year's IT security question for the internal control annual certification process asks about Falcon deployment in your unit, reflecting the critical importance of getting Falcon on university-owned computers and servers.


The Privacy section is all new and redesigned! Some highlights include:

  • History of Privacy Timeline. Scroll through major milestones—from the U.S. Constitution to the California Consumer Privacy Act—that have defined and redefined privacy.

  • Privacy at U-M. Review our five privacy principles and follow links to privacy policies, regulations, and laws that govern data collection and use. Get documentation, tools, and resources to help you understand and control your privacy as a member of the U-M community.

  • ViziBLUE. The ViziBLUE guide to personal data provides information on what student information is collected at the University of Michigan, and how it is used and shared. For a quick overview, watch the ViziBLUE at U-M video.

Scams & Fraud

  • Tutoring Overpayment Scams. This new page describes how to recognize a variation on the common "check overpayment" scam that targets tutors. 
  • Coronavirus Scams. Up-to-date information about the latest scams to watch for.

Sensitive Data Guide updates

See all the updates to the Data Guide at Recent Updates to the Sensitive Data Guide. Recent updates include:

  • New service entries for Virtru at U-M and Microsoft Teams at U-M have been added, including Virtru at U-M updated with guidance for use with Export Controlled Research.

  • Zoom at U-M updated to show that Zoom for Health was merged into Zoom at U-M. Zoom at U-M can now be used for Protected Health Information (HIPAA).