Use "Personal and Private" Folders to Protect Privacy

U-M respects the privacy of its employees and seeks to foster a climate free from arbitrary or capricious monitoring of employees and the records they create, use, or control. The university may, however, need to access or monitor such records in accordance with Privacy and the Need to Monitor and Access University Records (SPG 601.11). U-M recognizes that employees may also have personal, non-work files and records on their U-M computer or in online storage space provided by U-M.

U-M urges you to indicate which files are personal and private by placing them in a folder named Personal and Private. With some exceptions as outlined in SPG 601.11 (for example, when required by law or needed to avert threats to IT systems), the university will not monitor or access materials in folders labeled with the phrase Personal and Private.

No matter what the service at U-M, if you create folders or labels called Personal and Private, the university will treat the contents of thosefolders as non-institutional data and refrain from monitoring or accessing them in accordance with SPG 601.11.

You can create more than one Personal and Private folder if you wish. You can put your Personal and Private folders in any location on your U-M computer or in your online U-M storage space; they do not have to be at the top level of your home directory.

MiWorkspace Users: See MiWorkspace: Store, Access & Back Up Data for information about the location of a Personal and Private folder on your MiWorkspace computer.