Privacy Resources

  • Data Privacy Day 2021 Outreach: Six Words about Privacy. Boiling thoughts down to six words highlights what people consider to be the most important dimensions of a topic. On Data Privacy Day 2021, we look into the topic of privacy through the lens of the University of Michigan's Six Words about Privacy project. EDUCAUSE, January 2021.

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education
    Type: Article
  • Privacy Powered by Virtru. Part of the 2021 Data Privacy Day event series, this presentation showcases how the email security tool Virtru can help protect your privacy.

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education, Online Privacy, Privacy Protection, Technology
    Type: Presentation
  • RO100 FERPA at U-M. This 30-minute eLearning course teaches U-M faculty, researchers, staff, and students how to responsibly handle student data in accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education, U.S. Laws
    Type: Course
  • 100 Best Data Privacy Books of All Time. Privacy book ratings based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment (Book Authority)

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education, Ethics, History, International Laws, Online Privacy, Privacy Professionals, Privacy Protection, Surveillance, Technology, U.S. Laws
    Type: Book
  • Americans and Privacy: Concerned, Confused and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information. This 2019 Pew Research Center report finds that majorities think their personal data is less secure now, that data collection poses more risks than benefits, and believe it is not possible to go through daily life without being tracked.

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education
    Type: Article
  • Ask a Chief Privacy Officer, Sol Bermann, former Chief Privacy Officer and current Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Michigan answers questions about the growing need for privacy management, the policies and laws in place to protect our privacy, and how big data has changed the game. EDUCAUSE, July 2019.

    Topic(s): International Laws, Online Privacy, Technology, U.S. Laws
    Type: Video
  • Building Ethics into Privacy Frameworks for Big Data and AI. In this 2018 report, the The United Nations Global Pulse and the International Association of Privacy Professionals explore big data, new technologies, new analytical approaches and the risks to privacy, fairness, equality, and due process.

    Topic(s): Ethics, Learning Analytics, Privacy Professionals, Technology
    Type: Article
  • Choose Privacy Every Day. An American Library Associations project to promote privacy awareness, with resources for librarians and the general public.

    Topic(s): Privacy Protection
    Type: Blog
  • Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response: Ethics and Governance Guidance. A team of experts from Johns Hopkins University and other world-renowned institutions has crafted clear and detailed guidelines to help manage the creation, implementation, and application of digital contact tracing. Edited by Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH, and Johns Hopkins Project on Ethics and Governance of Digital Contact Tracing Technologies, 2020.

    Topic(s): Ethics, Surveillance, Technology
    Type: Book
  • Digital Ethics in Higher Education: 2020 John O’Brien discusses how new technologies, especially those relying on artificial intelligence or data analytics, are exciting but also present ethical challenges that deserve our attention and action. (EDUCAUSE, May 2020)

    Topic(s): Ethics, Technology
    Type: Article