Michigan Medicine IT Cyber Safety—Review In 2

Michigan Medicine Information Assurance (IA) provides a different educational poster every month in its IT Cyber Safety—Review In 2 series, which began in January 2019. Download and print the poster, and display it in your work area to share cyber security tips.

January 2019 poster Wipe It Clean

Wipe It Clean! January 2019

February 2019 poster Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud

Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud February 2019

March 2019 poster Encryption

Encryption March 2019

Phishing education Review in 2 poster from Michigan Medicine.

Don't Take the Bait! April 2019

Tech Support Scams Review in 2 Poster from Michigan Medicine

Spot, Avoid, and Report Tech Support Scams May 2019

June 2019 Enroll in Intelligent Hub

Secure Your Personal Device: Enroll in Intelligent Hub June 2019

Is Your Password Secure?

Is Your Password Secure? July 2019

Hit Control Alt Delete before you leave your seat

Control + Alt + Delete Before You Leave Your Seat August 2019

What you should know before you go.

What Your Should Know Before You Go September 2019

Making Cybersecurity Personal poster

Making Cybersecurity Personal October 2019

Is Your Password Secure? poster

Is Your Password Secure? October 2019

Practice safe internet use habits. Stop. Think. Connect.

Stop! Think! Connect! November 2019