Privacy@Michigan 2019

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Celebrating International Data Privacy Day on January 28

Monday, January 28, 2019, 1–6:30 p.m. Rackham Amphitheatre (4th floor)
915 East Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Privacy@Michigan was recorded, and the recording will be posted to Safe Computing when closed captions have been added and it is available. In the meantime, the live-stream recording is available.

Privacy@Michigan, hosted by the University of Michigan School of Information and U-M Information Assurance, brings together faculty, researchers, students and staff from different colleges, schools and units across campus and aims to spark ongoing, multidisciplinary conversations about privacy’s role in society—here at U-M and worldwide.

Learn more about the topic of privacy and the Privacy@Michigan event in Why You Should Care About Privacy, a video produced by UMSI, featuring Sol Bermann, U-M Chief Privacy Officer & Interim Chief Information Security Officer, and Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor, U-M School of Information.

Agenda for Privacy@Michigan
Event Speaker(s) Description
1 p.m. • Welcome and Opening Remarks

Ravi Pendse VPIT-CIO University of MichiganRavi Pendse, Ph.D., VPIT-CIO, University of Michigan

Ravi Pendse, VPIT-CIO for the University of Michigan welcomed attendees to Privacy@Michigan. Dr. Pendse serves as an executive officer of the university and provides university-wide leadership and strategic direction for information technology. He has extensive experience as a successful and collaborative university leader.

1:30 p.m. • Keynote: Privacy and Power: Why Is Privacy a Constitutional and Human Right? Sarah St.Vincent, Researcher & Advocate on National Security, Surveillance, and Domestic Law Enforcement, Human Rights Watch Abstract: Privacy is often dismissed as a concern that should take a backseat to “national security” and crime prevention—or downplayed as something people in the digital age freely trade away. However, privacy rights have deep historical and legal ties to equality and human dignity. In the United States, the right to privacy found in the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment began life as a free-speech protection and safeguard against political tyranny, and privacy-related concepts continue to be a means by which women, racial minorities, LGBT people, and the poor gain greater equality and resist state oppression. St. Vincent presented the idea of privacy as equality and invited listeners to consider the role privacy plays in the causes that are most important to them.

This session featured a 30 minute talk by Sarah St. Vincent, followed by a 30 minute "fireside chat" with Thomas Finholt, Dean of the U-M School of Information.

2:30 p.m. • Privacy in Six Words Launch & Break   Share your thoughts about privacy in six words and see what others have shared.
3 p.m. • Privacy in public spaces: What is public in the digital age?

Sol Bermann (moderator) Chief Privacy Officer & Interim Chief Information Security Officer

David Jurgens, Assistant Professor, School of Information

Len Niehoff, Professor from Practice, U-M Law School

A.J. Vicens, Knight-Wallace Fellow, Mother Jones reporter

An interdisciplinary panel discussion.
4 p.m. • Privacy Research Showcase & Break   A variety of posters and materials reflecting privacy research at U-M were available for viewing during the break.
4:30 p.m. • We value your privacy: Privacy technology in practice

Florian Schaub (moderator), Assistant Professor, U-M School of Information

Sarita Schoenebeck, Associate Professor, U-M School of Information

Atul Prakash, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, U-M College of Engineering

A second interdisciplinary panel discussion.
5:30–6:30 p.m. • Reception & Privacy Research Showcase   Attendees were invited to attend a reception with lite refreshments and view a variety of posters and materials reflecting privacy research at U-M in the Assembly Hall.

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Security Privacy Interaction Lab (spilab) at the School of Information

Created by members of the spilab at the School of Information, these tip sheets provide advice to help people protect their privacy online.

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