Be Safe Online

You now have more power than ever before to control your digital identity and important financial and other sensitive accounts. Take some time to learn how to to protect your identity, information, and accounts and be safe online.

  • Be a Good Digital Citizen
    Practicing good digital citizenship makes online experiences safer and more pleasant for you and others.
  • IT Security When Working Remotely
    Tips for securing your devices and connections when you work from home or other locations away from campus.
  • Protect Your Online Shopping
    Secure your environment, know who you're dealing with, and avoid the traps.
  • Secure Your Internet Connection
    Choose the best network for your environment and employ tools to make them more secure.
  • Secure Your Web Browser
    Keep your software updated, review your settings, use plug-ins and pop-ups sparingly, and consider private browsing and searching.
  • Use Two-Factor for Login
    Two-factor authentication provides additional security for your accounts, and many apps and services offer it. Use it whenever it is offered.