Celebrating International Data Privacy Day on January 28

Privacy@Michigan, hosted by the University of Michigan School of Information and U-M Information Assurance, brings together faculty, researchers, students and staff from different colleges, schools and units across campus and aims to spark ongoing, multidisciplinary conversations about privacy’s role in society—here at U-M and worldwide.

Learn more about the topic of privacy and the Privacy@Michigan event in Why You Should Care About Privacy, a video produced by UMSI, featuring Sol Bermann, U-M Executive Director of Information Assurance and Chief Information Security Officer, and Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor, U-M School of Information. You are also invited to share your thoughts about privacy in six words as part of the U-M Privacy Card Project, and see what others have shared.

Stay Safe Online presents new materials for Data Privacy Day each year, including links to resources and online events.

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