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The annual Security at University of Michigan IT (SUMIT) symposium is designed to raise awareness and educate the community about important cyber security and privacy issues. This free event is hosted every October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and presents a rare opportunity to hear nationally recognized experts discuss the latest cyber security and privacy topics and trends.

For more on Cybersecurity Month at U-M, visit our Cybersecurity Month page.

2022 SUMIT Events Recap

SUMIT Keynote: Adventures in Securing At-Risk People

Runa Sandvik focused her keynote presentation on securing journalists and newsrooms. A conversation following the presentation was facilitated by Elodie Vialle, Fellow at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center - Institute for Rebooting Social Media.

Keynote Event: Adventures in Securing At-Risk People ( 1:00.44  - U-M login not required to view recording)

Protecting Research Data

All members of the U-M community share responsibility for safeguarding university resources and data, and complying with university policies and data protection laws and regulations. Data security is an important consideration that should be taken into account early in a research project to allow researchers to properly prepare and budget for the implementation of security controls. This session for researchers and staff members supporting research at U-M discussed resources to help you navigate IT security compliance and ensure research data is appropriately protected.

Protecting Research Data Slides (U-M Login Required) 

Remediation of Insecure Remote Access Protocols

ITS Information Assurance's Insecure Remote Access Protocol (IRAP) project is an effort to further improve the security posture of the university by focusing on the discovery and remediation of insecure protocols that are exposed to the Internet. The goal of the IRAP project is to ensure individuals maintain appropriate remote access to systems, while protecting critical U-M resources and sensitive data from threat actors. This will be accomplished by blocking specific insecure protocols at the network border with the Internet. In this session we walked through the steps from planning to blocking, including what prompted this effort, data collection and analysis methodology, and outreach to the U-M community.

Insecure Remote Access Protocol (IRAP) Remediation Slides (U-M Login Required) 

MCommunity Privacy and Security Settings for Individual and Group Profiles

The session began with a short presentation about the recent changes to MCommunity including security and privacy improvements to the MCommunity user profile and groups interfaces. We also discussed improvements to the user experience and accessibility. Participants asked questions and presenters demonstrated how to use specific features.The presenters also invited participants to share their ideas for new features and improvements to existing functionality.

SUMIT MCommunity Privacy and Security Settings Slides (U-M Login Required)

Safe Computing for Everyone

This session was an opportunity to meet the Information Assurance Education and Engagement team and learn how we curate knowledge, develop training, and create awareness for U-M community members to protect themselves and the U. We showed off our brand-new training course, as well as exciting new pages on the Safe Computing website.

Safe Computing for Everyone Slides (U-M Login Required) 

Cosign Retirement Drop-in Session

If you manage a service that currently uses Cosign authentication, you should have started planning to move to Shibboleth authentication by June 2023. This presentation discussed the different options for using Shibboleth (SAML or OIDC) followed by Q&A to help participants ensure a smooth transition off of Cosign.