Phishing Alert: Final Attempt!

Some U-M community members reported receiving this email. It is fraudulent or malicious. Do not respond, click any link in it, or provide personal information or money. See Phishing & Scams for more tips. If you need help, contact the ITS Service Center.

Date Sent: 
Thursday, July 20, 2023

Phishing Email Description

This phishing email attempts to trick the recipient into thinking email forwarding has been added to their account when they have most likely not done so. It then asks the recipient to click a link to a malicious website that attempts to steal login credentials. This site is highly customized to resemble an official U-M website, and even uses elements stolen from real U-M websites. The fake website redirects through GitHub and Google to try and appear authentic. 

How not to get caught: Always check the URL of the login page before logging in. The real U-M login page is If you are already logged in, it will redirect you to Wolverine Access.

Phishing Email Text

All email sent to ”[email protected] ” will now be copied to “[email protected]”.

If you haven't set up email forwarding, cancel below, If this was you, you don't need to do anything.
Cancel Forwarding
You received this email to let you know about important changes to your Account and services.
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Phishing Email or Site Screenshot: 
Image of a fake U-M login page, including details stolen from real U-M pages. You can tell it's fake by the URL, which is incorrect. The real U-M login page URL is .