Phishing Alert: Notification From System Admin

Some U-M community members reported receiving this email. It is fraudulent or malicious. Do not respond, click any link in it, or provide personal information or money. See Phishing & Scams for more tips. If you need help, contact the ITS Service Center.

Date Sent: 
Thursday, July 11, 2019

Phishing Message Summary

This phishing example attempts to fool users into going to a fake Outlook login page and entering their credentials by telling them they are running out of storage space. Hovering over the link in the phishing email shows that the URL it points to is a website hosted on yahoo, not a U-M system.

Phishing Email Text

The storage limit of your mailbox is over 80% full on the email server.

Click HERE to visit the new Outlook Storage Access [Which was Created During the recent System upgrade to enable email users increase their storage capacity] and sign in to send a request to service desk admin to adjust and increase your mailbox storage.

System Team Admin
Information Technology Services

Phishing Email or Site Screenshot: 
A fake Outlook page is presented by the link in the phishing email. The URL points to a yahoo website and not a U-M system.