Some U-M community members reported receiving this email. It is fraudulent or malicious. Do not respond, click any link in it, or provide personal information or money. See Phishing & Scams for more tips. If you need help, contact the ITS Service Center.

Date Sent: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Phishing Message Summary

This phishing message attempts to fool recipients into thinking their email account is going to be dactivated. It directs recipients to a fake login page that asks them enter their personal information. You can spot a fake login page by the wrong URL and bad immitation of U-M branding.

Links have been removed from this example for safety.

Phishing Email Body

Hello Account Holder,

Just a short note to inform you that our records indicate that your
account is "Pending De-activation" we have previously contacted you
requesting account update, however as no update, your e-mail account will
now be temporarily suspended if you ignore to update your account within
the next 48 hours, to avoid the termination of your e-mail service, kindly
click on your Ticket ID below, with your VALID e-mail and password in
order to avoid service disruption

CLICK TO VERIFY : [Link removed]

Notice Month :  April 2019
Received from : Accounts and Administrator
Status :        Pending De-activation
Ticket ID :     FIQ-868119

Please note that the ticket will automatically be closed within 72 hours
if no response is received from you and your account permanently

Kind regards,

Catherine Gray
Customer Experience Officer

Phishing Email or Site Screenshot: 
A fake login page is presented by the link in the phishing email.