Phishing Alert: You still have incoming messages pending

Some U-M community members reported receiving this email. It is fraudulent or malicious. Do not respond, click any link in it, or provide personal information or money. See Phishing & Scams for more tips. If you need help, contact the ITS Service Center.

Date Sent: 
Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Phishing Email Summary

This phishing email seeks to trick people into logging in to a fake mail system.  The email tries to convince people to follow the links by claiming the recipient has messages pending which will be deleted if they do not act quickly. Versions of this phish may be customized with the recipient's email address or contain fake "from" entries to appear more convincing.

Always check the URL before logging in. While images and branding can be faked or stolen, a check of the site's URL will tell you quickly that the site is a fake. The real U-M weblogin site is . If you have already authenticated, going to weblogin should redirect you to Wolverine Access.

Phishing Email Text

At 11/10/2021 4:22:41 p.m. [name redacted] have incoming messages pending. 

You must update your account to avoid deactivation.

Click to update and restore pending emails

Messages will remain pending until proper action is taken.

Messages older than 10 days will be removed Team.

______________________________ ______________________________ ________

This e-mail notification was sent to [name]


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Phishing Email or Site Screenshot: 
Image of fake email site linked to by the phishing message. Always check the URL before logging in.