Simulated Phishing Emails at Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine uses simulated phishing to help members of the Michigan Medicine community practice spotting and reporting phishing emails. This initiative is designed to empower staff members to protect themselves and Michigan Medicine against cyber attacks.

Use Report Phishing Button

Members of the Michigan Medicine community are asked to report suspected phishing emails by clicking the Report Phishing button in their Outlook menu bar. Note that this button is not available on mobile devices. If you do not see the Report Phishing button, send the suspected phishing email to [email protected].

If You Get a Simulated Phishing Email

  • If you report the phish, you'll be notified that you correctly identified a simulated phishing email and thanked for reporting it.
  • If you click a link in the message, you will be directed to educational materials and tips to help you learn to identify phishing and other suspicious email.

Educational Materials About Phishing

Materials from Cofense (formerly called PhishMe):

Materials on the Safe Computing website: