IT User Advocate

The IT User Advocate works with the University of Michigan community to ensure that U-M information technology policies and guidelines are followed and responds to reports of abuse and misuse of U-M IT resources.  IT User Advocate responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and investigating reports of U-M technology and information policy violations as they pertain to U-M-provided resources.
  • Supporting problem-solving and providing guidance for handling IT policy-related matters (for example, Responsible Use of Information Resources).
  • Providing IT policy interpretation and information to help students, faculty, and staff understand university and departmental policy, including the responsible use of shared resources.
  • As necessary and appropriate, supporting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), eDiscovery, and approved U-M investigatory matters.

Investigatory Obligations of the IT User Advocate

The IT User Advocate team is committed to performing its various roles in the most responsible, ethical, and lawful manner possible, and with the utmost respect for the rights and privacy of all U-M community members. When accessing and handling U-M data as part of investigations, the IT User Advocate team:

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