Unit Security Checklists

Unit security checklists are sent via email to Security Unit Liaisons (SULs) and IT directors periodically. They are intended to support units in their shared responsibility to protect U-M systems and data.

Use the checklists to help you make incremental improvements to U-M’s and your unit's security posture, track your efforts, focus on key topics, and keep IT security in mind. The checklists are for your use only and do not need to be turned in to ITS Information Assurance (IA). 

  • Spring 2024 Unit Security Checklist 
    This IT Security Checklist for IT Professionals outlines the security and privacy expectations required of all IT professionals at U-M.
  • Winter 2024 Unit Security Checklist to Share
    This checklist provides steps to Protect Yourself from Scams, such as phishing emails and other attempts to trick people into providing credentials and sensitive information. Unit IT staff and Security Unit Liaisons can pass it along to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Summer 2023 Unit Security Checklists to Share
    This summer, there are two checklists that unit IT and Security Unit Liaisons can pass along to faculty, staff, and students about protecting themselves online. Online Hygiene and Self-Protection Checklist and Harassment and Abuse Mitigation Checklist.
  • Winter 2023 Unit Security Checklist 
    February's checklist includes items to ensure we share the same understanding and vision for your role as a Security Unit Liaison and your partnership with Information Assurance. 
  • Summer 2022 Unit Security Checklist
    This summer's checklist ensures Unit IT and Security Unit Liaisons are aware of upcoming IAM projects, as well as Back to School and Phishing resources to share as we all prepare for the upcoming fall semester. 
  • February 2022 Unit Security Checklist
    February's checklist includes information on using RECON to assess the security of your systems, training available for RECON, data protection, tax fraud, and phishing education, and valuable information on Service Provider Assessments.
  • Fall 2021 Unit Security Checklist
    The Cybersecurity Awareness Month's edition of the checklist provides a collection of materials for raising cybersecurity awareness among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Summer 2021 Unit Security Checklist
    This checklist provides recommendations to help you prepare for a secure return to campus and protect against ransomware.
  • October 2020 Fall Unit Security Checklist
    The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Security Working Group recently released a set of best practices for managing risk during a time when most university operations are being performed remotely.
  • April/May 2020 Unit Security Checklist (SUL version)
    This special edition checklist supports U-M community members securely working from home.
  • March 2020 Unit Security Checklist
    MitiGate review, Sensitive Data Discovery follow up, data protection and tax fraud education, and web application security support.