U-M Safe Computing Website Checker (Chrome Extension)

Install this Chrome extension—created by IA staff for the U-M community—to protect you from some types of malicious websites when browsing the web with Chrome. Once installed, it will be included in Chrome on any device where you have signed in to Chrome. It will not affect your use of other web browsers.

Warns About Malicious Websites and More

  • Warns you when you are about to visit malicious websites masquerading as the U-M Weblogin page.
  • Warns you when you are about to visit other websites that have been identified by U-M IT security staff as significant threats targeting the U-M community.
  • Automatically reports malicious web pages to U-M IT security staff so that they can take action to further protect the U-M community.
  • Does not identify individuals who are using the extension when reporting malicious sites.
  • Does not interfere with everyday web browsing activity.

How to Install

The extension is included on all MiWorkspace workstations. Unit IT staff who manage machines with Chrome installed can add the extension to their installation. Members of the U-M community who do not already have the extension can install it themselves.

  1. Click this link to go to the extension's page in the Chrome Web Store (for U-M use only): Chrome Store: U-M Safe Computing Website Checker (U-M login required via a Safe Computing page that will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store)
  2. Click the ADD TO CHROME button.
  3. Read the disclaimer, then click Add Extension.
  4. A yellow checkmark in a blue circle will appear in the top right corner of all your Chrome browser windows to let you know the extension is working.

When you install the extension, you will be notified that, "It can read and change all data on the websites you visit." This is required to allow the extension to detect malicious websites (read data) and to display warning messages (change data). The extension does not collect or send user-identifiable browsing history information.

To Access a Blocked Site

If the extension blocks access to a website you know to be safe, you can override the block. We ask that you report the blocking error to the ITS Service Center to help us continually improve the extension.

  1. Click the yellow checkmark icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser window.
  2. Click the green Allow button that will then appear. This will allow you to visit the site from all the devices where you use the extension.

To Disable the Extension

You can, if you wish, disable the extension without removing it.

  1. Click the yellow checkmark icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser window.
  2. Click the green Enabled button. It will change to a red Disabled button.

Re-enable the extension by clicking the red Disabled button so that it changes to a green Enabled button.