Michigan Medicine External Email Warning Banner

Those who use Michigan Medicine Outlook (Exchange) email see a banner urging caution on messages received from senders outside the university.

The automated banner:

  • Appears on messages sent from anywhere other than umich.edu and med.umich.edu and that contain links or attachments.
  • Helps you identify messages where a Michigan Medicine or U-M sender address has been forged. Messages from legitimate Michigan Medicine and U-M senders will not display the banner
  • Is a reminder to follow these guidelines from Michigan Medicine before clicking links or opening attachments in email messages:
    • Review the email header information: Do you recognize the sender and their email domain?
    • Consider the email content: Is this message typical for this sender?
    • Hover over links to review the address before clicking: Is the email trying to panic you into clicking a link?
    • Review the signature: Do you recognize the sender’s name or department?

Phishing emails often appear to be sent from an internal and trusted source and ask recipients to open attachments or click links. This warning message is a simple nudge to encourage recipients to be a little more cautious.