IT Security Posters & Signs

Print & Post

Print and post these IT security posters (8½x11 inch PDFs) to help your colleagues, friends, and others you care about protect themselves and the university from IT security threats.

IT Security Tips

  • Lock Your Screen When You Leave. Protect yourself and U-M by locking workstations, laptops, and devices when they are not in use.
  • Shop Online Safely. Tips for making your online shopping experience safer.
  • U-M Data Classification Levels. U-M uses four data classification levels: Restricted, High, Moderate, and Low. The goal of data classification policy is to allow users to identify, understand, better manage, and employ an appropriate level of security for university-owned data.
  • Use a Passcode or PIN for Your Mobile Devices. Always secure your mobile devices with either a password, passcode, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. It is one of the most important ways to protect the information that is accessible from your devices.
  • What to Do if Your U-M Account is Compromised. If you think your U-M account might be compromised, you should take action immediately.

Phishing & Suspicious Email


  • "Are you there" scam. Did you just get an urgent request for money from your boss? Stop and check. It could be a forged email from a scammer.
  • Phone scams and vishing. Hang up on vishing–voice phishing–and fraudulent phone calls with these tips.
  • Prevent Tax Fraud. Tips for preventing tax fraud, spotting tax-related scams, and getting more information and assistance.
  • Tech Support Scams. Don't be fooled by fake tech support claims in phone calls and web pop-ups.
  • Text Message Scams or Smishing. Watch out for text message scams known as smishing, or sms/text phishing.
  • Watch for Coronavirus Scams. Watch out for scams trying to capitalize on fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Working and Learning Remotely

  • Secure Videoconferencing. Protect yourself and others when videoconferencing by following these tips.
  • Traveling with Duo. Duo offers many options for use while traveling or working and learning away from U-M.
  • Travel with Tech. Protect your security and privacy, as well as sensitive U-M data, when you travel with technology.

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