NOTICE: "Welcome to smartAHD" emails and website are legitimate

Friday, February 15, 2019

3/28/19 update: Improvements have been made to the smartAHD registration process. New users no longer receive a password via email. The user registration email (see sample of email—U-M login required) now directs new users to create their own password. That email has been rewritten to include additional information about the relationship between U-M, smartAHD, and 3-East LLC. It references resources recipients can use to verify its authenticity. In addition, the email now comes from a smartAHD address.

This information was sent via email to U-M IT staff groups on February 15, 2019.

Information Assurance has received reports about email notices sent recently from "smartAHD Network [email protected]" with a subject line of "Welcome to smartAHD." These emails may appear suspicious because they come from a sender that does not appear to be associated with U-M. In addition, the emails direct recipients to log in at a website that has several characteristics associated with unsafe>

However, these are legitimate emails about a new deposit station system provided by the U-M Treasurer’s Office Depository Services, and the website is legitimate. Depository Services has arranged for use of the SmartAHD depository system created by 3-East LLC.

The welcome email is sent to U-M staff who are granted access to SmartAHD. For more information about the new deposit station system and how to us it, refer to the following resources:

Depository Services plans to work with 3-East LLC to improve the welcome emails and website.