Six Words About Privacy

We live in an era of product and service personalization and social media sharing, but also of pervasive data collection, surveillance, and data mining. Knowledge is currency, and data and smart devices are everywhere.

What is privacy? It's a complex construct that means different and sometimes very personal things to different people. It may carry with it legal or professional obligations. It is approached in different ways in different countries and cultures. So is it a state of being? A social value? A set of shared norms? A collection of laws? A basic human right?

Inspired by The Race Card Project, we would like for you to share your thoughts on privacy in six words.

We promise to only share the information you choose to share. We'll keep the rest private.

Respect me. Don't monetize my life.

peace of mind visibility without intrusion

expect nothing online to be private

autonomy dignity property default design nunya-bizness

anonymity empowerment agency security freedom protection

equality choice ownership rights consent empowerment

robert s.

Lawyerly arcane commercialized vital confused manipulatable

Like smoke in the wind

humanity, equality, freedom, choice, security, justice


justice respect integrity choice freedom access


Humanity, expression, autonomy, comfort, freedom, rights

Liberty, Freedom, Happiness, Comfort, Safety, Confidence

Control over sharing my personal information

I enjoy the capabilities that information sharing provides me, but I want the ability to manage the which parts of my personal information are exposed to others.

Safety, Calm, Right, Freedom, Value, Citizen

Self rights freedom protection ☮️ autonomy


anonymity freedom self-expression being autonomy human

personal control anonymity permission unknown rights

Always tenuous, quickly fleeting, traded for convenience and profit.