Duo@Weblogin Project

Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin Now  

To better protect university systems and data—and your personal information—use of two-factor authentication is being expanded through increased use of two-factor for Weblogin. Information Assurance staff members have been meeting with leaders across campus, and an advisory group is participating in planning and implementation.

  • Michigan Medicine. Two-factor for Weblogin was turned on for Michigan Medicine employees and sponsored affiliates on October 10, 2018.
  • UM-Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn, and UM-Flint. Two-factor for Weblogin was turned on for all faculty, staff (including student employees), and sponsored affiliates on January 23, 2019.


Duo@Weblogin Project Timeline

  • June 2018
    • Preparations
    • Meet with Unit IT Steering Committee
  • July
    • Begin meeting with schools, colleges, and units
    • Begin meeting with stakeholder and advisory groups
    • Begin encouraging faculty and staff to "Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin"
  • August
    • Begin implementing Duo changes through Nov
  • September
  • October
    • October 10: "Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin" for Michigan Medicine users
    • Meet with IT Council and SACUA
  • November
    • Continue promoting Duo
  • December 2018
    • Continue promoting Duo
  • January 2019
    • January 23: "Turn on Two-Factor for Weblogin" for UM-Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn, and UM-Flint faculty, staff (including student staff), and sponsored affiliates.

About Two-Factor at U-M

Two-factor means that when you log in, you provide two proofs of your identity. At U-M, that means your password plus a Duo two-factor option of your choice (such as an app on your smartphone, a phone number, or a hardware token). An attacker who gets your password won't be able to log in as you without your Duo option.

Use of two-factor (Duo) is required when logging in to many U-M systems to provide additional, needed security. Anyone with a uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password can turn it on for Weblogin to protect their direct deposit information and W-2s in Wolverine Access, as well as their information in Google at U-M, Box at U-M, Canvas, and more.