Dissonance Event Series

Dissonance U-M Speaker Series

Dissonance: A tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements.

Technology, policy, privacy, security, and law are increasingly intertwined in all facets of life and society. This holds especially true in higher education, where these subjects underpin and enable how universities fulfill their teaching, learning, research, and clinical missions.

The Dissonance Event Series programming strives to:

  • Engage the U-M community with timely topics from a national and global perspective.
  • Connect faculty, researchers, and students across multiple campuses.
  • Increase university-wide multidisciplinary research, teaching, and discourse.
  • Provoke thought and discourse, and have fun along the way.


  • Dissonance Event Series speakers leverage their expertise, vision and unique perspectives to elucidate how we can navigate the challenges, trade-offs and opportunities at the intersections of technology, policy, privacy, security, and law.
  • Past speakers have included internationally recognized organizational leaders, journalists, artists and scholars who are committed to raising awareness and driving discourse in the realm of cybersecurity and privacy.

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