Student Data, Privacy, and ViziBLUE

Tuesday, February 2 - 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

This interactive student panel focused on student privacy at U-M and introduce ViziBLUE, a first of its kind in higher-ed tool that provides information about student data collection and use. This event was co-hosted by the student group Tech for Social Good.

Slides from Student Data, Privacy, and ViziBLUE (PDF)

About the Webinar

Students start sharing information about themselves with U-M before they step foot on campus. As they attend class, checkout books from the library, print term papers, or simply stay connected to MWireless while moving about campus, data is collected and used by the university to support their education and life in the U-M community.

U-M cares deeply about privacy, strives to be transparent, and wants students to know what data is collected about them and how it is used. Join a panel of students for an ITS Information Assurance webinar co-hosted and co-sponsored by the student group Tech for Social Good and become more privacy aware. During this Zoom webinar:

  • Hear your fellow students share their perspectives on privacy and introduce the new student guide to personal data—ViziBLUE.
  • Take part in an exercise where you will look at a day in the life of a U-M student and identify what data is collected.
  • Hear from a student intern who worked on the ViziBLUE website design.
  • Become privacy empowered and consider your options before you sign up for “free” services.


Svetla Sytch from Information Assurace, facilitator
Svetla Sytch, Assistant Director
Privacy and IT Policy,
University of Michigan

Student Presenters

Tianyu Jiang student presenter
Tianyu Jiang, LSA
Himaja Motheram student presenter
Himaja Motheram, CoE
Taylor Murray student presenter
Taylor Murray, CoE
Julia Silverman student presenter
Julia Silverman, LSA
Ceciel Zhong student presenter
Ceciel Zhong, LSA