Privacy Resources

  • Three Student Privacy Conversation Starters. Higher education’s increasingly complex technology and data landscape has brought student privacy issues to the front pages of national publications. Yet, engaging students in conversations about privacy remains elusive. In this session, we will discuss three ways the University of Michigan has sought to raise students’ privacy awareness and empowerment. Hear an administrator's and a student’s perspective on how these three efforts started and evolved.

    Presentation at the Arizona State University Digital Trust Summit by Svetla Sytch and Julia Silverman. June 2021.

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education
    Type: Video
  • Understanding Data Privacy Issues in Higher Education (EDUCAUSE 2018). Institutions that understand the nuance of the varied data privacy issues existing in the higher education environment will be well prepared to address them.

    Topic(s): Privacy Professionals
    Type: Article
  • Vanishing Liberties: The Rise of State Surveillance in the Digital Age. This video from the American Library Association (ALA) "Choose Privacy Week" 2012 explores state surveillance in the United States.

    Topic(s): History, Surveillance
    Type: Video
  • Why Privacy Matters by Glenn Greenwald: In this talk, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you're "not doing anything you need to hide."

    Topic(s): Awareness and Education, Privacy Protection, Surveillance, Technology
    Type: Video