Secure Your Google Chromebook

U-M Data on Personal Chromebooks

If you are permitted to access or maintain sensitive institutional data using your mobile device, you must meet the minimum expectations below. See Your Responsibilities for Protecting University Data When Using Your Own Devices for a complete list of your responsibilities when using your own devices to work with sensitive U-M data.

Store and share sensitive university data using only approved services. Be aware that personal storage services should not be used to store sensitive university data or information relating to university business.

Check the Sensitive Data Guide for services approved for use with specific sensitive data types to be sure you are in compliance with U-M guidelines for sensitive data.

If you travel outside of the U.S., be aware certain types of sensitive data cannot be accessed or maintained outside the country. There are legal restrictions on certain sensitive data types, such as Export Control, HIPAA, and FISMA. See the Sensitive Data Guide for details.

Report IT Security Incidents

If your personal computer is lost or stolen and you've used it to store or access sensitive data, notify the ITS Service Center. See Report an IT Security Incident for more details.