Video: Tips for Safe Videoconferencing

For links to more resources, see Secure Your Videoconferencing: Instructions.

Text Summary

Use U-M tools

Use tools provided by the university. U-M has contracts and agreements with Zoom and other providers that specify:

  • They are required to secure and protect U-M data.
  • They can only use U-M data to help them run and improve their services.
  • They may not sell or rent U-M data.
  • U-M owns the data.

Be a good host

Be a good host and look out for the people in your meetings.

  • Set your meeting to keep uninvited guests out. In Zoom, you can restrict access to members of the U-M community. Choose the "Only authenticated users can join" setting. There are other options as well, like the 'Waiting Room" feature.
  • Do not post meeting invitations on social media or other public places unless absolutely necessary.
  • Record meetings only if there is a need, and ask for permission.