Video: IT Security Tips for When You Work & Learn from Home

For links to the resources covered in the video, including the U-M VPN, see IT Security When Working Remotely.

Text Summary of Video

Text on screen: IT Security Tips for When You Work from Home

Voice: Hey, working from home? Me too. Follow these tips to protect you and the U.

Text on screen: Secure your devices.

Voice: Secure all the devices you use. And make sure your smart speakers aren't listening in on your private work conversations!

Text on screen: Set a PIN, passcode, or fingerprint biometric for access to your devices.

Voice: Always require a passcode, biometric, or other ID for your devices if you use them for work—especially if you work with sensitive data.

Text on screen: Keep your software up-to-date

Voice: Set things like Windows and MacOS to update automatically. And when apps ask you to update, update right away. That's a good time to go get more tea!

Text on screen: Secure your connections. Use the U-M VPN—or the VPN for your campus—when connecting from off-campus. No need for a VPN with MiWorkspace Windows computers. They have an always-on VPN-like client called DirectAccess.

Voice: Using a VPN—Virtual Private Network—lets you connect using secure U-M networks. It gives you access to things like some library resource, that require a U-M network connection.

Text on screen: Set a unique password for your home WiFi network.

Voice: Set your own password for WiFi. And give your network a name you can recognize.

Text on screen: On the web, look for HTTPS at the beginning of the URL. It means the connection is encrypted.

Voice: Look for the S in HTTPS. It means the connection is encrypted. Yay, Safe Computing!

Text on screen: Beware of phishing, scams, and fraud. Check the URL before you click links in emails: On a computer, hover over the link with your mouse. On a smartphone or tablet, press the link and hold down.

Voice: Hover over the link with your mouse on a computer. On a phone, press the link and hold down.

Text on screen: Don't open unsolicited or unexpected shared documents and email attachments.

Voice: Check first before opening an unexpected shared doc or attachment. (sound of phone buttons) Hey, did you just send me a doc? What?! I'm deleting that one!

Text on screen: Protect sensitive data. Store sensitive U-M data only in approved storage locations. Check the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services.

Voice: You can check the guide to find services approved for your data type. Or, click a service to find out what data types you can use with it. Remember that sensitive data should only be seen by those who need it to do their job.

Text on screen: Protect your privacy. Cover your computer’s webcam when not needed. Lock your screen or close your laptop when you are away from it.

Voice: (from a distance: cat meows) Better feed the cat. For more information visit