Video: How to Report an IT Security Incident

If you only remember one thing, remember this: if you think you see signs of an IT security incident, report it: [email protected]

Text Summary of Main Points in the Video

IT security incidents can happen to anyone at any time. IT security incidents can include someone else using your account, ransomware, a lost or stolen computer that you used to work with sensitive data, and more.

Say you check your computer one morning and find something odd. Fortunately, there are people at the university who've got your back.

What should you do?

Report it. Send email to [email protected] to notify the ITS Incident Response Team. The ITS Incident Response Team:

  • Coordinates and manages the university's response to serious IT security incidents.
  • Works with unit IT staff on less serious incidents.
  • Will investigate the incident and work to protect university data and systems.
  • Will connect with other university offices, like the Office of General Counsel, and law enforcement if needed.

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