ALERT: 4 tips to help you travel safely with technology (To Students)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This information was sent through email to Ann Arbor students on April 16 and to faculty and staff (excluding the U-M Health System) on May 5 2015.

Subject: 4 tips to help you travel safely with technology

U-M Ann Arbor faculty, staff, and students,

Whether you are planning a vacation, a research or other professional trip, or just some local day trips this summer, you will likely take your smartphone, laptop, or some other other mobile device along with you. Here are four tips you can follow to safeguard both your own—and the university's—data.

  1. Require a password, passcode, or PIN for access to your device, and set the screen to lock after 15 or fewer minutes of inactivity.
  2. Turn on the app or feature that helps you find your device and/or erase its contents if it is lost or stolen.
  3. Always use a secure Internet connection, and turn off optional network connections (WiFi, Bluetooth) when you are not using them.
  4. If you work with sensitive U-M data, follow these Instructions for Securing Your Devices and Data and ensure that the data is encrypted before traveling with the devices.

For instructions and additional resources, check out these Safe Computing: Traveling with Technology resources to help you protect your personal privacy and U-M data when you are away from campus:

Enjoy your travels, and keep your devices and data safe. Remember, it's good for you and the U.

Don Welch, 
University Chief Information Security Officer

For Assistance or Questions

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