SPG 601.27 Alignment Presentations

Information about implementing Information Security (SPG 601.27) and its associated standards has been shared with a number of U-M groups. Input from those groups is being incorporated into the implementation plans and being used to improve guidance to and support for units. To request and schedule a presentation from Information Assurance (IA) staff in your unit, send email to [email protected].

Standards Working Sessions

IA offered working sessions for unit IT staff and others during 2019. Each session consisted of a detailed walk-through of the requirements for one or two standards, along with opportunities for questions and individual consultations.

General Presentations

SPG 601.27 Presentation Slides is a generic copy of the presentation that you can customize for use in your unit. The presentation slides are revised regularly to keep them up-to-date and incorporate input from units. Versions of this presentation have been customized with unit-specific information for presentations to the groups below: