IT Security Community Meetings

Access to the slides from past IT Security Community meetings is limited to members of the U-M IT Security Community. Login with a uniqname and UMICH (Level-1) password is required.

February 24, 2022

2/24/2022 Slides (PDF)

  • Welcome & Announcements, Sol Bermann 
  • Log4j Overview & U-M Response, Aaron Hudeck & Sol Bermann
  • Internal Controls Question, Svetla Sytch & DePriest Dockins
  • Unit Security Checklist, Asmat Noori
  • CrowdStrike Threat Briefing
  • Crowdstrike Resources, Sol Bermann
  • U-M Dearborn Privacy Tutorial, Carrie Shumaker
  • Privacy, Confidentiality, and Our Stewardship Obligations, Sol Bermann
  • Q&A

July 15, 2021

7/15/2021 Slides (PDF)

  • Welcome & Announcements, Sol Bermann
  • Ransomware & U-M, Sol Bermann, Kevin Cheek, and Crowdstrike
  • IA Engagement, Asmat Noori, Dennis Neil, Janet Eaton
  • Future of Group Management, Aimee Lahann
  • Q&A

February 25, 2021

2/25/2021 Slides (PDF)
Slides from this meeting are accessible by members of the CrowdStrike Admins group.

  • Welcome, Sol Bermann
  • CrowdStrike Early Success, Kevin Cheek
  • CrowdStrike & Unit Expectations, Kevin Cheek
  • Special Guest Appearance, Ravi Pendse
  • CrowdStrike Progress, Metrics, Kyle Cozad
  • Internal Controls IA Question, Svetla Sytch
  • What’s Next, Sol Bermann
  • CrowdStrike Deployment All-Stars, Sol Bermann
  • Announcements & Updates, Sol Bermann
  • Q&A

August 27, 2020

8/27/2020 Slides (PDF)

  • Welcome, Sol Bermann
  • You've Got a Site for That (video)
  • Announcements & Updates, Sol Bermann
  • State of the Hack: Ransomware, Kevin Cheek
  • Internal Controls IA Question, Svetla Sytch
  • Education & Awareness, Janet Eaton
  • Password Modernization, Chris Hable
  • IA FY21 Priorities, Sol Bermann

February 13, 2020

2/13/2020 Slides (PDF)

  • Intro and IA Mantras, Sol Bermann
  • Welcome & Anouncements, Sol Bermann
  • IA Staffing, Sol Bermann
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection, Sol Bermann
  • Updates Duo and @Weblogin for Students, DePriest Dockins & Sasha Womble
  • Win 7 end of life, Sol Bermann
  • Duo for VPN, Kyle Cozad
  • Upcoming Trainings, Sol Bermann
  • Education and Awareness, Sol Bermann
  • Unit Security Checklist and table exercise, Asmat Noori
  • IA Trying to Make InfoSec "Easier," Sol Bermann
  • Table Exercise -What do you want from IA?, Sol Bermann
  • Thanks and closing, Sol Bermann